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i got a pocketful of sunshine(: [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2009|12:14 am]
my head hurts.... it was gone for so long and now that it's back... i'm feeling as fucked as before. nothing happened,it's just me..
my time management's gone.. it's just hard to balance two very important things. and i need to learn to balance it right now!

actually,i don't think i'm gonna blog here anymore.
need a change of LJ.
won't delete this but not updating too..

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another awesome day ... [Mar. 15th, 2009|06:14 am]
let's just start off with photos,alright?

this SUPER full bag of sweets is OURS. 40$ okay. lol.

we've got some old school snacks tooo

the fave catch among all. popppppinggggg. =D

i seriously want to upload the stitch photo but damn LJ taking years to do so.

today,i met up with the awesome girls. coville and i met up first and we were near to fainting so we bought cheesy curry chicken? then i my jelly hands appeared again and i dropped and stained my longchamp. ): ( i need new bag !! ) GL and Elaine were super late. i suspect GL drives a lorry loh. tsk.

we ate at billy bombers,my ribs suck. ): THEN,my best best best friend cum gf decided to join us. =D so we all decided to drive to holland v for some ice cream loving.... then guess what? my gf ate 3 cups of ice cream. and i decided that bubblegum was the best. and i got really occupied by playing guitar heroes on gl's nds. i also want leh..... ugh. i dropped another lollipop today. ): i wasted one precious lolli.

then at 1am,we decided we were hungry AGAIN,we all droves to Geylang chicken place to have some dim sum loving. HAHAH,we ate alot man. at 4am,my gf attempted to cheat me into eating macs breakfast. !!!!! I WAS DEAD BLOATED BY THEN. luckily,she drove me home straight if not i'd have locked myself in her car. =D

we spent the entire day together except the 4 hrs inbetween where she went to meet her friends. lol? sounds damn crazy. TSKTSK.
another 5 more hrs!!! =D

i need to dance and sing to my gf later. it tickles her alot that i can dance in public and not give a damn. hahah. well,anything for youuuu.

lastly,i don't even care about anything anyone say. what it matters most right now,is being here with you. and everything we share.

this is my bestfriend + gf whom i'd dance to and sing to without fail everyday and she'd laugh at me ridiculously like i'm some kinda superstar.

goodnight world.

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(no subject) [Mar. 14th, 2009|01:26 am]

Thurs was an amazingly fucking crazy night out with the girls!! bj,nor,felchong,chermaine ,her and her friends!!!

i went to meet bj first then we nua-ed around tpy and she sold her damn phone. then we headed to zouk only having to force down a bottle of red wine. TSK. then we got in,LOTS OF LOTS OF UNFAMILIAR FACES. saw herrr. :D then bloody fel had to order the redblue vodka and we nearly died. it was alot. chermaine kept making me gulp them. she helped me drank a little and she ended up being drunk. tsk. we danced the night away together~~~~ it was soooooooooo wonderful. =D after so long of not partying,i actually love this company more than ever!! we had supper at spize and headed to SABAISABAI for more dancing. =D

everything was awesome...

got home at 6plus,slept only an hour plus,she came over.. and we couldn't sleep. showered and all,we waited for rain to stop and we headed out. ended up at cathay again,our fave hangout place... bought the "Coming Soon" tickets and then we headed off to PS for some pasta mania and arcade!

we glued our butts to the sweets jackpot thingy..... we couldnt get my stitch on time cause movie timing was drawing near. SO,after the damn scary fucking movie,we went back to play....

then it was there,she really....swept me off my feet. she say even if it means being bankrupt,she'd get me the sitich. honestly,i'm no big fan of stitch or rather,bears.... but i really wanted sth that comes from her... and she really put in so much effort to get it for me.. and when it hit jackpot,she was overwhelmed !!! i started screaming. =X then,we left the arcade with one HUGE bag filled with candies and the huge stitch. :D

thank you for every single thing you did..

headed off to meet bJ for some steamboat and window shopping. we practically wasted money,steamboat lasted like awhile cause everyone was like bloated. hahah. roamed around and met nicole to go to Bliss to chill.

you never once let go of my hands..

i'm finally home and i need some sleep but i needed to blog these down because i am so damn blessed.

thank you for everything. every small little thing you do,sweeps me off my feet always. you make promises come true.
i don't care about what the world would say,i only care about where you and i belong together.
my life cannot get any better.

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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2009|04:58 pm]

i practically did nothing. i slept at 4? woke up at 7 to give her wake up call then went back to sleep till 10am? rotted around... and it's 5pm now and i'm STILL ROTTING AROUND. today time passes damn bloody slow. why can't it be 7pm alr? so i can meet bj. then off to zouk to meet the others and herrr!!!

tonight is party night. party till we drop. been so long since i'm going to party. i cannooootttt waitttt!!!! my friends,her,her friends and everybody that ive not seen in the longest time. =D

i can't wait for tml. tml will be a long day for us...... (:

everyday i'm just looking forward to seeing you,you're the bestest gift i've ever got. you make my head spin,my heart beat faster than ever and my legs goes jelly each time i seee you...

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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2009|03:04 am]

my day was A W E S O M E,was yours that awesome too ?

early morning headed to school to submit the stupid website thing,ended up waiting an hour plus for the lecturer and she didn't turn up. how dumb? the entire class was like.... w a i t i n g. and she claims she didn't forward the email. like honestly?!!? then off to fight some tomyam noodles with joan&yingjia then we went phototaking. it feels stupid standing in the middle of the soccer field taking photos of this building you assumed it's the building you're finding,but only to know it's WRONG. ): i sweat like a fucking pig. ): off to some shopping and i bought undies today. hahah,yesterday i bought bra. I NEED TO STOP IT ? lol.
ate ben&jerry's to kill some time,then we wandered around again till it was time for me to go off to meet her.

played arcade,walked aroundddddd,headed to get PUSH's tickets,saw some classmates,sat at ben&jerry's again... i gonna say,the movie's not bad! =D then we headed off to town to have NYDC =D =D happy girl i am but sucky pasta i had. but it's okay,it's the company that matters. she made me walk like the whole town just to digest. lol.

collected my f21 stuff and my black jacket so pretty please~~

the way you held my hands and refused to let go really makes me feel so wanted and loved,if only everyday's like today,i'd never want the day to end.. thank you for everything,it's really sooooooo amazingly wonderful.

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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2009|12:57 am]
i feel dumb for being itchy finger and edit and delete my files and thrash them. only to find missing links and end up redo-ing. i'm so dead right now. i'm so tired. i want to sleep. doesn't feel good when you're annoyed too. i'm annoyed. with myself. with her. with everything.

i need people to get off my back and stop being so annoying and needy lah okay? give me some breathing space.

ugh whatever
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2009|03:58 am]
LJ is so shitty that even uploading ONE photo also take donkey years. don't ask me why i'm awake k. ANWWWW,i cannot wait to wear my dress out on wed! hahah. and hello,i cannot wait for all the days to come! needa meet up with all my happy pills!

okay,i received all flavours of macarons. but i really hate the peach one,lemon one,raspberry. but Canele's macarons is the ultimate bestttt!!!
but you're the best. thank you for showering me with sugar. HAHAH.

BJ: you need to stop msging me and calling me for ktv. lol before i ignore you till thurs. hahah. LOVE!

okay bye people!
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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2009|10:15 pm]

stayed at lib till 6plus then umi and i decided that we were starving like madzzz so we headed off to PS and satisfy our pasta craves,PASTAMANIA. crazy waiters,he nearly shoved my plate of marinara into my face,siao. then walk also like never say excuse me,just dash.... maybe he's just too tall for that damn job. then we decided to walk around to digest and i suggested Cotton on and tada,i came out with a super girly dress that it wasn't even my kind. but i've always wanted to try wearing them and i think no harm done? lol so i bought it. =D and i like it alottttt!! i look so femme in it,i felt like killing my mirror image.

SO TIRED AND DREAMWEAVER ALSO NOT DONE. sian tml is another long day in sch's libbbb... ): life suck so badly.

i can't wait for wed,thurs,fri & sat to come!!!

thurs-zouk,fri-sabaisabai,sat-gathering with gekling,elaine and all...


okay this is an image of my stupid dress and my back

i know,the tattoo is so fucking uglyyyyy. what was i thinking when i was younger?!?!?!? ):

suddenly,i'm so scared words are just words,actions are just...sth to cover up lies.
would you lie to me? after all these trust i've put in.
or you just didn't see a point to be honest?


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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2009|02:27 pm]

cause i am so bored in school's lib which i am supposed to be doing work but ahhhhh,no mooooddddddddd!!

lol wore my super big and heavy ring out. my finger can't really move. it's pouring heavily outside and i'm feelin cold. ):

pictures under the cut. :D


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(no subject) [Mar. 9th, 2009|03:52 am]

tonight my heart beat even faster than before,it felt like i was anticipating for something more.
i'd never want this feeling to die off
you cld keep my heart with you forever


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